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About The Firm

Cutler & Associates is dedicated to the highest standards of performance while maintaining a reasonable level of costs and legal fees. With a combined total of over seventy years of legal experience, our firm has successfully delivered quality legal services to thousands of clients!

Cutler & Associates has a proven record for aggressive and creative courtroom performance. We pride ourselves in our tenacious and zealous representation of our clients. We also take great pride in our finely-honed negotiation skills.

Furthermore, we have strong relationships with affiliate lawyers in many other states. There are many cases which are either federal in nature, or may be handled from our Boston office.

At Cutler & Associates, we represent every client with their best interest in mind. As such, many times we strive to resolve and settle cases through systematic negotiation, thereby saving our clients significant time and money, along with the usual anguish that a trial usually brings.

Whether a client's case settles, or goes to trial, we will always be properly prepared, and will not cut any corners in the preparation of their case. This will ensure an optimal and equitable resolution for all of our clients.

Many of our clients are referred to our firm by "word of mouth". Your satisfaction of our legal services, along with excellent results, are our most important goals. A satisfied client is Cutler & Associates' best source of future business!