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Our Mission

At Cutler & Associates, our attorneys are skilled, dedicated and successful problem solvers with a unique approach to practicing law. Central to our practice is the understanding that legal problems are personal problems, which drain a person economically and emotionally. We believe that in order to best represent our clients' interests, we must first empower our clients with an understanding of the law affecting those interests. Our attorneys eliminate confusion with an informative and transparent approach that helps our clients understand the best course of action. At Cutler & Associates, our goal is to do more than "get people through" their legal problems. Rather, we seek to substantially improve the welfare of our clients. Our personalized approach looks beyond the issues, and beyond the end game, to help our clients reframe legal issues in a way that shifts leverage and provides the most advantageous result possible.

The attorneys at Cutler & Associates pride themselves on their ability to work well with individuals, both friendly and adversarial. We derive the maximum value for our clients through an interest-based approach to negotiating, an approach that aligns interests instead of polarizing them. If you are facing a legal problem, Cutler & Associates have the talent, skill, experience and desire to provide an unparalleled level of service at a reasonable price.